Are we there yet: Making curriculum visible to students

MyCourseMap Workshop Invitation

About MyCourseMap

MyCourseMap is a multi‐dimensional interactive curriculum map using digital and touch technology that increases transparency and relevance of curricula for students.

We invite you to attend a workshop during which you will have the opportunity to explore MyCourseMap online.


Session 1: Discourse around transparency of curriculum (1 hour)

  • Stimulate discourse around students’ accessibility to entire curriculum & program learning outcomes
  • Reflect on the way curricula are presented to students
  • Reflect on ways to enhance first year transition & identity
  • Showcase MyCourseMap concept

Session 2: A new way to present visible curriculum (1.5 hour)

  • Create interactive curriculum using MyCourseMap tool
  • Opportunity to pilot MyCourseMap using the comprehensive step‐by‐step user manual

National Teaching Fellow

Associate Professor Lisa Tee

This workshop is undertaken as part of a National Teaching Fellowship. The Fellowship identifies the need to communicate transparent and “visible” curricula to students.